Air Force Security Forces Association, Travis Bay Area Chapter (TBAC)
and 60th Security Forces Squadron – Travis Air Force Base

60SFS Heritage Room Adoption Agreement

The 60 Security Forces Squadron Heritage Room reflects the history and contributions of decades of men and women that served at Travis Air Force Base in the Security Police and Security Forces Squadron.

The Heritage Room is maintained to represent and be a constant reminder of those that served and paved the way for today’s Air Force Defenders.

60SFS Heritage Room is a sampling or artifacts and/or graphics of the past and present. The room itself contains just a sampling of historical items. The room is utilized for meetings as well as social and non-social gatherings.

The Heritage Room should stand as a ready reminder of those who served and a tribute to the Air Force Security career field – active duty, civilian and reserve – all contributors to the security of Travis AFB.

Long-term planning and care of the Heritage Room must be consistent and reflect the professionalism of the career field. It should be a place that both on- and off-duty casual events can take place. It should be a place where all that serve and served feel comfortable visiting. The adjacent patio area is an extension of the Heritage Room and as such should be continually improved and maintained as a multi-functional area.

To ensure long-term viability of the Heritage Room, 60SFS Leadership appoints the Air Force Security Forces Association, Travis Bay Area Chapter (TBAC) as custodial managers of the 60SFS Heritage Room and adjacent patio area.

TBAC will work with 60SFS on a continuing basis to develop both short- and long-term plans to maintain and enhance the room, displays and patio area. TBAC will be provided with access to historical items and graphics in storage and be free to make changes to displays and the areas as deemed appropriate by the group.

TBAC will work with 60SFS Defenders Association to develop and utilize the area for social events. Nothing herein mandates an allocation or expenditure of funds by TBAC. Where funds are needed, all concerned parties will work together to identify monies and/or raise funds.

Signed and Accepted this 5th Day or August 2020.

Lloyd Edwards, AFSFA-TBAC Chair                 Major Charles Tenney, 60SFS Commander