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TBAC Introduces Flights to AFSFA
April 2015

AFSFA Travis Bay Area Chapter launched the Flight concept in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a new program originating with TBAC and introduced to AFSFA at the Region 6 Workshop held 28 March 2015 in Santa Ana, CA.

Throughout the world, there are pockets of current Security Force Defenders, separated or retired AP, SP and SF members and non members. The goal of AFSFA Flights is to create opportunities for these individuals to get and stay connected with other AFSFA members by meeting regularly on an informal basis and be connected to a chartered chapter.

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Travis Bay Area Chapter Chartered - Executive Director Visits
November 2014

One of our newest AFSFA Region 6 chapters was approved for chartering by AFSFA Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in Seattle. Travis Bay Area Chapter (TBAC) was presented their charter by Executive Director, Colonel (ret) John Probst, at their meeting on 8 Nov 14 at Travis AFB, CA.

TBAC is unique within AFSFA in that it meets on an active Air Force installation and has taken on the challenge of supporting multiple active duty squadrons as well as Reserve and Guard units. All units are located at Travis AFB with the exception of the ANG unit housed at Moffett Federal Air Facility.

Units supported by TBAC are:

60th Security Forces Squadron
th Security Forces Squadron (Reserve)
th Global Mobility Response Squadron (570th Contingency Response Group)
st Global Mobility Response Squadron (571st Contingency Response Group)
st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron
th Security Forces Squadron (Air National Guard) Moffett Federal Air Facility

Chapter Chairman James Downey, USAFR, CMSgt (ret) stated that members struggled with the fact that it would need to develop programs and find funds to support all the units, including the ANG unit located 85 miles away. TBAC members are determined to find a way to do all this.

Support functions will also be unique because the Contingency Response Groups vary in size, have constant deployments with multiple career specialties within each unit. Fortunately TBAC has members of each unit attending meetings and have joined AFSFA.  CRG units are unique whereas all members have their primary specialties, yet each CRG team member is trained as secondary Security Forces and work hand-in-hand with the SF teams when deployed. Therefore TBAC considers all CRG members part of the same family.

Colonel Probst tries to personally present each new charter. He served as an enlisted dog handler with TBAC Vice Chairman Lloyd Edwards, USAF, TSgt (ret). AFSFA VP Scott Castillo is chairman of the Sacramento Valley Chapter.  Downey invited Probst to come early and extend his stay. It would provide an opportunity for all to meet informally over a few days, enjoy some California hospitality and talk about the future.

Probst arrived Thursday and had dinner with Downey, Edwards and their wives.  Friday morning was a business meeting with a vendor to discuss shirts that TBAC will be offering for sale to all AFSFA members and the general public soon. The image on the shirt is the same as the posters unveiled at the Annual Meeting in Seattle. TBAC is also expected to sell posters.

Downey conceived the idea for the art and worked with a local artist, Charlotte Norris, to refine it and come up with the completed piece. Downey and Norris gifted the final art to AFSFA, with rights to use the piece on promotional products.  Once items become available, TBAC intends to donate a percentage of the profits directly to AFSFA.


Probst, Downey and Edwards (PDE) attended the Vacaville Business Connection (VBC) lunch meeting where Downey and Norris's father Chris are members. VBC members were shown the poster and Probst presented both father and daughter with AFSFA Thank You Coins. Probst was the guest speaker and talked about AFSFA and his time in Iraq.

[Photo] Probst, Chris and Charlotte


VBC is a professional business referral organization. Downey is working with VBC members to create a number of workshops for the squadrons addressing common topics such as mortgage qualifications, how to build better credit, how to understand insurance and see through the hype and numbers. VBC members want to give back to Travis Security Forces. VBC President Jon Scott is prior active duty SF and was commander of the unit at Mather.

[Photo] Probst speaking at VBC

After lunch PDE, now being called the Three Musketeers, did the Budweiser Beermaster Tour in Fairfield where they were awarded Honorary Beermaster certificates, followed by a great Mexican dinner and more planning.


TBAC met Saturday morning with a strong showing and all unit commanders or their representatives present. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Colonel Probst administered the Oath of Office to TBAC officers. The meeting was called to order and the floor was given to Probst to talk about AFSFA. This was followed by a presentation of a large framed poster to each commander for their unit. Probst was wearing one of the new T-shirts and modeled it for the group. AFSFA VP Castillo served as official photographer. The first chartered meeting went well with everyone leaving positive about the future.

[Photo] Probst and Major Allman, 60SFS Cmdr

Following the meeting PDE headed for Healdsburg and enjoyed lunch at The Wurst, a favorite in the wine country known for its grilled sausages and burgers. From there, the trio headed for Francis Ford Coppola Winery where Probst and Edwards enjoyed some wine tasting with Downey abstaining, playing the role of designated driver. All enjoyed the museum part of the winery with props from movies as well as actual Oscars and Golden Globe Awards on display.

Then a quick tour of Sausalito and some fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline after dark, followed by a great steak dinner (by all accounts) at the Cattlemen's in Petaluma. Sunday was an informal off day with Probst having dinner with Edwards and his family.

Monday started early with Castillo joining in for breakfast at Valley Cafe in Suisun. After a hearty breakfast they drove to Twin Sisters Gun Club, a private rifle and pistol range where Downey is a member. Between pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, the group spent time putting lots of holes in paper, bouncing reactive targets, and blowing up one underperforming explosive target. 

[Photo] Probst and Scott Catillo taking aim

Some four hours later Castillo headed back to Sacramento and PDE adjourned to Downey's patio for sandwiches, refreshments and more discussion and planning. Downey's wife Jean prepared an Italian feast for the trio at the end of the day. Dinner was completed with a great, unlabeled, bottle of wine from a new upstart, Vince Anthony Wines.

After dinner the group talked about the first ever Region 6 Workshop to be held in March and hosted by the Los Angeles / Orange County Chapter and subsequently decided that they should do all this again. They still had to show Probst the giant redwoods, San Francisco, maybe a light house or two, Monterey and a few other things. This could take multiple trips.

As Probst rode out of California on that big silver bird, the last thing he saw was Downey and Edwards huddled together making a list of places to see and things to do. And being the ever AFSFA promoter he is, Probst whispered to them that perhaps the Bay Area might be a great annual meeting site in the future.

Note for record - Colonel Probst serves as AFSFA Executive Director and does not use any AFSFA funds for his chapter visits. All expenses are paid by him personally.

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